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Welcome to Page you have been searching for- Panasonic KX T123211D Phone System

Ok, so you walk into your office on a Monday morning and go to make a call with your Telephone that your company bought a few years back (well, 20 years ago) and its not working. Well, the first thing is that the cabinet took a Power surge and knocked out all your telephones and the cabinet or just the unit itself. You don't know. Well, if your Telecom unit was hit, don't worry, we have that exact cabinet in stock and ready to ship TODAY!

Your first option is to call us and replace either the telephones or the cabinet in the back room. You dont know. Most likely, if the cabinets lights are not on back in the telephone room, its fried and you need to replace the cabinet. The good news is that you can keep your telephones!

Your other option would be to REPAIR YOUR TELECOM EQUIPMENT. We have a first class repair facility that will make your equipment look brand new down to the circuitry. The whole unit is disassembled and repaired, cleaned, tested. Once the process if finished, we put our ROCK SOLID ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON EACH Cabinet and off it goes shipped back to you.

Your last and final option is if you are just tired of this old technology, then its time to play... SELL YOUR TELCOM EQUIPMENT.

So, we have laid out given you all your options for you and your decision maker. (or maybe you are the owner). At Craig Communications, we offer all these options at prices your company can afford.

The Panasonic KX T123211D Phone System is getting very old and they are harder and harder to find parts for but they are a good solid unit. If you dont need all the bells and whistles that some of the new technology has to offer, this is a great alternative. It does many of the features that most offices and employees need. It handles up to 12 incoming CO lines and up to 32 telephone extensions. Its designed to be expandable as well as flexible and packed with advanced features that help you manage and grow your business. It uses the 7000 series proprietary telephones and the 7885 cordless telephone. But it also can handle single line telephones as well. The voice mail units that work with this cabinet are the TVS50, TVS80, TVS100 and the TVS200. Here are some of the features of this unit:

Message Waiting, Voice Mail Integration, Auto Answer speakerphone, automatic redial, toll restriction, Flexible CO Line Buttons, Off Hook Call Announce, Music on Hold, external paging, door intercom and door remote control to name a few.

So again, if you do not have employees that need to work away from the office or travel a lot, or you have less then eight lines, you dont have to have a new VoIP technology. Most dealers will try to sell you this so that they can make their quotas. Do not be sucked into that thinking. Go over the features that are essential to you and your employees. Then try to find something that works within your budget not someone else's. Most companies get caught up with the local dealers sales pitch and end up with features they dont ever need but pay through the nose to the dealer. Dont be that company! Call Today and save!!!!

Just remember that when you are buying one of these units, you are buying from a reputable manufacturer and a from a company that has been selling these cabinets for seventeen years! We arent going anywhere. They make several different models to choose from. If this one does not have the features you are looking for, call us. We have a staff that is very knowledgeable and will guide you through the process so you are not intimidated by technology whether its new or old.

Craig Communications offers the most affordable business telephone rates possible, along with an enormous inventory of equipment, cabinets and accessories. Fill out an order form and we'll contact you to get any other order information and make payment and delivery arrangements. Purchase your equipment right online or contact us at 1-800-306-3377 for further information regarding refurbished Telecom Equipment.

DO NOT THINK THAT CHEAP TELECOM EQUIPMENT IS ALWAYS THE WAY TO GO. When shopping for a telecom gear for your business on the web, never shop strictly on price. Service is a factor that many Internet shoppers overlook. When you shop strictly by price, you miss the hidden costs incurred when the Equipment you purchased does not meet your expectations or requires additional service. Our prices are competitive AND we back equipment up with outstanding service and warranties. That is why Craig Communications excels in customer service and earns repeat business from our customers who feel comfortable buying Telecom Equipment and components from us.

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Panasonic KX TD123211D Phone System and Components

KXT-123211D (KSU 4x16) KX-T123211D (KSU 4x16) CALL $349
KXT-123270 (Station card) KX-T123270 (Station card) CALL $99
KXT-123271 (Station card) KX-T123271 (Station card) CALL $79
KXT-123280 (4 Circuit card) KX-T123280 (4 Circuit card) CALL $99
KXT-123281 (2 Circuit card) KX-T123281 (2 Circuit card) CALL $79