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Panasonic KX T7700 Series Phones-Panasonic KXT7700 Telephones

This has happened so many times we cant count them. One of your employees comes into the office where the telephone system that requires the Panasonic KX T7700 Series Phones resides. They go to make a call and the system is not functioning!!!! Your unit either got hit with a power surge and the whole unit is out or your power supply died. If your lucky, it just a faulty telephone. Go around and test and see if all your telephones are dead or its just the one you are on. Well in either case, rest assure, you have found the perfect company that will assist you in replacing the defective equipment you are having a problem with. At Craig Communications, we offer affordable telecom components to fix your problem at prices that are very reasonable. All back by a ROCK SOLID ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

We Buy, Sell and Repair Panasonic KX T7700 Series Phones and Panasonic KXT7700 Telephones.

We are here to help you find refurbished Panasonic KX T7700 Phones and in the process help save your company money. We buy,sell and repair all the Panasonic phone models, including the popular KXT 7720 and the KXT 7730 telephones. If your company telecommunications call for other models, we offer both the KXT 7731 as well as the KXT 7735 as refurbished and new models. We carry most of the older models as well. By finding our web site, you basically have ended your search for quality refurbished telephones. We sell and or repair them for less than you will find anywhere else online and definitely better quality. Call Today! 800-306-3377

As with all of our secondary market telecom products,these Panasonic KXT7700 Telephones have been brought back to manufacturers specifications and tested to ensure you the highest quality product possible. Give us a call to discuss how Craig Communications can help you save money on your next repair or purchase.

Don't forget that each and every one of these Panasonic KXT7700 Telephones are disassembled and repainted (if needed). All internal circuitry is tested at the component level. Once the telephone is reassembled, the telephone undergoes a rigorous multi-step reconditioning process before being repackaged with new cords, keycaps/designation strips and user cards.They also go thru a complete electronics diagnostics test with each telecom component as well.

Most of our competitors simply give their Panasonic KXT7700 Telephones a light cleaning before reselling a "B" or "C" stock product. Craig Communications only sells "A" stock, premium grade telephones and components to eliminate potential problems and to guard our reputation. Check out some of our TESTAMONIALS.Most refurbished parts are so pristine that they are practically indistinguishable from new telephone parts.

Craig Communications sells products for installation by others. We are not an authorized representative of any of the manufacturers listed and Craig Communications provides all warranties. All trademarks and logos are the property of their respective manufacturers.

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Panasonic KX T7700 Series Phones

KXT-7720 Telephone Panasonic KX-T 7720 Telephone CALL $89
KXT-7730 Telephone Panasonic KX-T 7730 Telephone CALL $99
KXT-7731 Telephone Panasonic KX-T 7731 Telephone CALL $125
KXT-7735 Telephone KX-T 7735 Telephone CALL $129
KXT-7736 Telephone KX-T 7736 Telephone CALL $145
KXT-7737 Telephone KX-T 7737 Telephone CALL CALL
KXT-7740 48 Btn DSS KX-T 7740 48 Btn DSS Console CALL $139
KXT-7750 monitor phone KX-T 7750 Telephone $125 $110