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Panasonic DBS Telephones or Panasonic DBS Phone Systems and VB Circuit Cards for your large or small business

If your business is in search of quality DBS phones or VB Circuit Cards or the whole DBS Phone System, you have found the exact page that will definitely help with a solution to your telecommunication problem. At Craig Communications, we offer affordable DBS phones and VB Circuit Cards for your company needs.

We Buy, Sell and Repair quality used Panasonic DBS Telephones and VB Circuit Cards with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY.

We are open five days a week- Monday through Friday and 9-5pm East Coast Time. We have representatives here to help you find quality refurbished DBS Phone System Components to suit your company. We offer all the models, including the popular VB-42213 and the VB-43223 telephones. For your company telecommunications needs, we offer both the VB-44210 as well as the VB-43225 as refurbished and new models. We also offer the older VB-42010 308 Cabinet, letting you end your search for quality refurbished Panasonic DBS telephones and circuit cards for much less than standard retail prices.

As with all of our refurbished Panasonic DBS phone systems, Panasonic DBS telephones and circuit cards, they have been all brought back to manufacturers specifications and tested to give you the quality that you come to expect from any company that you purchase equipment from on the internet. Call us today to discuss how one of our Sales/Technicians can help you with your telecommunications needs. 800-306-3377

Don't forget that each of our Panasonic DBS telephones and circuit cards are disassembled and repainted (if needed). All internal circuitry is tested at the component level. Once it is reassembled, the unit undergoes a rigorous multi-step reconditioning process before being repackaged with new cords, keycaps/designation strips and user cards.They also go thru a complete electronics diagnostics test with each Panasonic DBS phone phone system and VB Circuit Cards as well.

Many of our competitors simply give their inventory a light cleaning before reselling a "B" or "C" stock product. Craig Communications only sells "A" stock, premium grade Panasonic DBS telephones and VB Circuit Cards to eliminate potential problems and to guard our reputation. Most refurbished parts are so pristine that they are practically indistinguishable from new inventory!! Call Today and See the difference. 800-306-3377.

If you are tired of your old equipment because its not performing the way you want it to or it does not have the features you need, maybe its time to upgrade and SELL YOUR TELECOM EQUIPMENT. We buy most major brands. Don't just think it worthless. Many time we buy back circuit cards for parts. Send over a detailed list of your inventory and one of our purchasing representatives will email you back a bid. We even pay for shipping. What are you waiting for? The equipment isn't fine wine. Its getting less and less valuable as we speak.

Maybe you have employees that are working from home or travel quit a bit but need to be connected to the office. Or maybe you have eight lines or more and you are getting hammered with phone bills each month. Well then if you fall under one of the two scenarios, you might be a great candidate for a CLOUD HOSTED SOLUTION. Call us at 800-306-3377. One of our knowledgeable sales reps can explain to you how this technology works. We know its intimidating and want to hold your hand to try to make it an easy transition from this old technology to the new without sending you to the poor house. Call today 800-306-3377

Craig Communications sells products for installation by others. We are not an authorized representative of any of the manufacturers listed and Craig Communications provides all warranties. All trademarks and logos are the property of their respective manufacturers.

If You Cant Find The Panasonic DBS Telephone or Component That You Are Looking For-Please Call Us. 800-306-3377

Panasonic DBS Telephones

VB-43320 DSS VB-43320 DSS CALL $62
VB-42210 Telephone VB-42210 Telephone CALL $59
VB-42213 Telephone VB-42213 Telephone CALL $69
VB-42211 Telephone VB-42211 Telephone CALL $86
VB-43220 Telephone VB-43220 Telephone CALL $68
VB-43223 Telephone VB-43223 Telephone CALL $79
VB-43225 Telephone VB-43225 Telephone CALL $79
VB-44210 Telephone VB-44210 Telephone CALL $86

Panasonic DBS Phone Systems and VB Circuit Cards

VB-42010 308 Cabinet VB-42010 308 Cabinet CALL $469
VB-42050 824 Cabinet VB-42050 824 Cabinet CALL $499
VB-43030 40 Port Cabinet VB-43030 40 Port Cabinet CALL $399
VB-43050 72 Port Cabinet VB-43050 72 Port Cabinet CALL $825
VB-43060 96 Port Cabinet VB-43060 96 Port Cabinet CALL $450
VB-43611 DEC Card VB-43611 DEC Card CALL $85
VB-43511A L/TRK Card VB-43511A L/TRK Card CALL $85
VB-43621 AEC Card VB-43621 AEC Card CALL $204


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