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Cloud Phones
GN Netcom
Jive Communications
Music on-hold
S.W. Bell

AT&T Spirit Telephones and The Spirit KSU

AT&T Spirit Phones and Systems -6 button, 24 button
AT&T Spirit Phone System Components - Phone System Cards, Modules and Feature Packages
AT&T Telephone REPAIR

AT&T Merlin Magix Telephones

Merlin Magix Phones - 4406, 4412D+, 4424 D+, 4424 LD+, DSS 4450

AT&T Merlin Telephones and Circuit Cards

AT&T Merlin Phones - HFAI 10, BIS10, BIS22, BIS22D, BIS34, BIS34D
AT&T Merlin KSU's and Circuit Cards- 410 KSU, Merline 820 Classic, Feature Package I, Feature Package II, etc.
Merlin Voice Mail (Voysys) - Third Party Voice mail for the Merlin System

AT&T Merlin Legend Telephones and Circuit Cards

AT&T Merlin Legend Phones - MLX 5, MLX 10, MLX 10D, MLX10DP, MLX 16DP, MLX 20L, MLX 28D
AT&T Merlin Legend Modules & Circuit Cards - 800 DID, 408, Loop Start ATL ,408 GS/LS MLX, 408 GS/LS MLX ID, 008 LMX, 016 MLX, 012, 100DS1

AT&T Definity Telephone and Circuit Cards

Definity 6000 Serires Phones - 6408, 6416D, 6424
Definity 7000 Serires Phones - 7103, 7303, 7405, 7406, 7407, 7410, 7434, 7444+
Definity 8000 Serires Phones - 8102, 8110, 8403, 8405 D+, 8410, 8411D, 8434 DX
Definity Callmaster Phones - Callmaster II, Callmaster III, Callmaster IV, Callmaster V
Definity Consoles - 302A, 302B, 302C, 302D
Definity Circuit Cards - TN464, TN464GP, TN746B, TN750C, TN753 DID, TN763D, TN2181, TN2224

Refurbished AT&T Business Phones, Used AT&T Business Telephones, AT&T Circuit Cards.

Craig Communications is able to provide you with Used AT&T Business Telephones, voice mail, modules, AT&T circuit cards or components for your office or business. When one of your components is starting to fail, you need to call us to help assess the problem and get another part to you the same day! Call Today! 800-306-3377

We have hundreds of Refurbished AT&T Business Phones and AT&T Circuit Cards in our stock.. All backed by a Rock Solid One Year Warranty. Why go anywhere else. We have been in business for 18 years with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for all those years.

We Buy, Sell and Repair All Used AT&T Business Telephones. If you need to save money, why not REPAIR YOUR AT&T USED BUSINESS TELEPHONES instead of buying them. we offer a Full One Year Warranty on ALL Repairs.

We are COMMITTED TO QUALITY & GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! If you are looking to upgrade your system and get something with more features or perhaps a CLOUD HOSTED SOLUTIONS, call us today to speak to one of our very knowledgable representatives regarding these systems. They have the features of a large PBX that fortune 500 companies are using today but for a fraction of the cost. Give us a call. 800-306-3377.

If you are tired of your AT&T used business telephones and system, it might be time to sell your office refurbished AT&T Business Phones and equipment? Get a quote today!

You came to this page for a reason. Either to Buy, Sell or Repair the equipment or circuit cards you currently have today. So, why not let Craig Communications, who has had over 18 yrs of experience with Telecom Equipment, help guide you through the process.

Call us toll free: (800) 306-3377 for assistance in selecting the right Telecom Equipment for your business.

Refurbished AT&T Business Phones, Used AT&T Business Telephones, AT&T Circuit Cards- You Found the Right Website for All Your AT&T Phone Equipment.

Shop for Your business Used AT&T business telephones or AT&T Circuit Cards from the links above. We sell All AT&T Equipment.


Although Craig Communications conducts business over the Internet,
our operations are founded on service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

We sell quality used refurbished AT&T Business Phones and circuit cards.
We stand behind every phone, system and component with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY!


Refurbished AT&T Business Phones, Used AT&T Business Phones, AT&T Circuit Cards


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